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Good fresh air products should have 5 characteristics, all of them are very important!

2017-11-14 17:42:35

Good fresh air products should have 5 features:

First, purification is effective and sustainable. 1m from the wall, 1m above the ground, 1m from the tuyere, 3hrs after start up, PM2.5 should be less than or equal to 35 micrograms, the concentration of carbon dioxide should be less than or equal to 1000ppm, the concentrations of formaldehyde and benzene should be diluted to the corresponding indexes under. A good fresh air products not only to achieve the above purification targets, and to be sustainable, that is, for a long time with the above purification.

Second, the system should have stability. Motor and other parts if the frequent failures, which have a certain impact on the normal operation of the new fan, Ze wind more five-year warranty commitment! Customer confidence!

Third, the operating noise is low. According to the relevant regulations, the noise of fresh air products should not exceed 35 dB. But in fact some fresh air products transferred to the most upscale operation, the noise is close to 50 dB. Ze wind 150, static no sound!

Fourth, equipment maintenance should be convenient. Ze Feng fresh air purification system to replace the filter as the switch door as simple, easy to operate, users can replace their own supplies.

Fifth, the late use of low cost. If the fresh air system to replace the filter needs a thousand dollars, then such a high cost of use probably make consumers unimaginable.