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How fresh air system effect? Of course it is steady!

2017-11-14 17:42:03
What fresh air system can achieve what effect? Let's breakdown together:

1. To poison: Because the newly renovated house inside the decoration materials and household products contain high levels of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, which is the leading cause of brain tumors, leukemia, lung disease. Install fresh air system can be exceeded at home directly to the pollutants discharged to the outside, just decorated house less paint smell.

2. to smell: set in the living room, dining room, master bedroom, bedroom and other rooms at the top of the new set of vents and vents, the installation of fresh air system can effectively improve the air quality of the space environment, get rid of peculiar smell, smoked quickly disappear after smoking .

3. Continuous fresh air: the installation of fresh air system, you can not open the window of the case can enjoy the fresh air of nature, beneficial to human health and children's growth and development.

4. To the dust, noise reduction: fresh air system to introduce fresh air at the same time, you can filter the dust in the air, the home will not often fouling, reducing the frequency of cleaning. Turning off the windows also reduces noise and eliminates noise pollution.

5. To extend the life of the building: With the fresh air system with added dehumidifying and humidifying functions, the long-term indoor dry, comfortable and clean air environment can prolong the life of the building, especially to prevent moldy buildings and make people feel comfortable.

6. Reduce the risk of illness: short-term impact of air pollution is small, long-term impact, the installation of fresh air system is a healthy investment. Long-term use, can reduce the heavy metal in the air into the blood, to avoid pollutants block the lungs, greatly enhance immunity.

Fresh air + purification is the new trend of future air purification

After many contrasts, Xiao Bian found that air purification has entered the 2.0 era, simply introducing fresh air fresh air system is outdated, fresh air + purification is the future trend of development.