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It is time to install and install the fresh air system, especially in these seven situations!

2017-11-14 17:38:56
It is time to install and install the fresh air system, especially in these seven situations!

The following home environment needs to pay attention to air quality problems, consider installing a fresh air system:

1, newly renovated houses: newly renovated houses have a lot of toxic substances in the interior, easy to affect people's health, and such as formaldehyde, chemical pollutants volatilization cycle of 3 to 15 years, the need to install a fresh air system, mechanical ventilation The means of continuous indoor dirty air replacement.

2, families with children at home: children in the long body stage, the body organs are not fully developed, indoor and outdoor air pollution are affecting the healthy growth of children. Families with children are in greater need of fresh, clean air and may consider installing a fresh air system.

3, Unit is not transparent, heavy smell Housing: If the basement, closed storage room, hotel rooms, factory floor and so on. The air quality in these areas is generally poor and requires fresh, clean air.

4, by the road house or surrounding houses with sources of pollution: noisy, dust, car exhaust and other pollutants, or the whole district by the pollution of the place or chemical plant pollution of the place, open the window taste, not open Window feel oppressed. Therefore, this type of apartment also need to install fresh air system.

5, the floor is too high or too low housing: the floor is too high, easy to cause the whistle through the window (winter is howling), but the wind is also large. Low (bottom), the window is not safe, in addition, mosquitoes. Therefore, in the case of closing doors and windows, it is best to install fresh air system, continuous fresh air ventilation.

Villa: room type is very transparent, residential environment is also very good villa, although the ventilation effect, but we can not open windows for 24 hours, at least, winter heating, summer cooling, you can not open the window; this time You also need to install a fresh air system with heat exchange.

7, other special places: such as the engine room, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, banks, classrooms, kindergartens, hospital wards and other places, the air quality requirements are also very high, the best use of fresh air system.