Brand story

Brand Introduction

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, VÅRKI specializes in the research, manufacture and sales of indoor air environment products. For more than 30 years, VÅRKI has been adhering to the specialized and international R & D philosophy to meet market demand. We have achieved the development and transformation of more than 1,500 products and accessories, proving that VÅRKI can become a recognized brand in the world of fresh air. The company's products with its high quality and reliability, establish a good reputation in the industry, a large number of awards to prove our product features and appearance of both facts, partners in the credit rating, VÅRKI has always been in the priority of cooperation.

Jiangsu Varki Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is net Sweden VÅRKI brand in China's only authorized company, overall responsibility for the business in China, the company simultaneously cited the Swedish advanced technology and ideas, intended to guide the public attention to the indoor air environment, so that more people understand the air pollution , Pay attention to the health problems of living air. With a team of Chinese and foreign experts who are adhering to the quest for excellence in fresh air systems, we are committed to bringing Sweden's air-conditioning technology into China and creating a family of three-dimensional Constant Clean. Positioning for the Chinese family to bring a natural oxygen bar net heart comfortable living environment.

Brand Concept

The environmental problems in China are worsening day by day. In recent years, the number of children suffering from respiratory diseases and the number of leukemia in middle-aged and elderly people has been rapidly increasing, and the air quality problem has been paid more attention by more people.

Varki fresh air system focusing on China's special environment, combined with Stockholm, Sweden, air quality research, to improve the living air quality, actively involved in product development, product innovation. Hope that Chinese families can get rid of the air pollution problems, have a healthier home environment.

How to introduce the Swedish air to improve the scientific research technology into the country and make products more suitable for the Chinese people's living habits and living environment is the direction of the continued efforts of the Varki.

Uphold the pursuit of excellence in the fresh air system, under the leadership of the research team of experts, focused on creating three-dimensional clean space. Sweden constant oxygen air purification technology to protect indoor air environment fresh and healthy. Constant temperature and humidity control technology to ensure comfortable and constant indoor temperature and humidity. Low decibel noise-free technology, the full realization of the net sound state of the air purification. Innovative fashion design research and development, get through the front and rear wall mountings, lifting installation troubles at the same time, more in line with modern aesthetic requirements. Multiple advantages of security for the Chinese family to bring natural oxygen-like net comfort.

For Varki, we always adhere to the orientation of "Family Expert in Oxygen Space Creation", provide healthy products and actively contribute to social environmental protection. They are the corporate values that have always adhered to and promoted.

It is hoped that while meeting the needs of today's society, it will also create a healthier environment for the growth of future generations. We promise that we will make active efforts to make more contributions to the living environment of the Chinese people.