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Fresh air system industry trend analysis, so just need, I do not know!

2017-11-14 17:33:34
As a "newcomer" in the field of air purification, the fresh air system, which can ensure fresh indoor air by replacing and filtering the air, is increasingly welcomed by people. The fresh air system not only has the relatively leading capacity of filtering PM2.5, but also has the price-performance ratio suitable for general promotion to meet the needs of residential buildings such as ordinary houses, large-scale domestic and commercial buildings, kindergartens, school classrooms, hospitals and office buildings.

Fresh air system prospects can be expected

Environmental analysis

1, the deterioration of the environment: the frequent occurrence of haze, most cities PM2.5 problem is a severe test, factory emissions, car exhaust and other issues, China`s overall air quality is not optimistic.

2, Economic Driven: The improvement of living standard will make people no longer worry about getting enough food and clothing. More and more people begin to pay attention to the health problems, and the improvement of economic level will boost the purchasing power.

3, the rise of the real estate market: people`s high demand for housing air quality and new houses can meet the standards of the contradiction between the fresh air industry has also provided the growth of the soil.

4, indoor pollution: indoor decoration pollution was the frequency of exposure was a clear upward trend in the elderly and children are the most affected groups.

5, the introduction of relevant national policies: Recently, the relevant departments have issued a series of indoor air pollution for the industry norms, the new residential indoor air quality indicators set a clear standard, proposed in the future housing construction should be vigorously promoted Fresh air system, so that the concept of indoor air health deep into the people.

"Just need" analysis

Four Essential Requirements for Maintaining Life: Sunshine, Air, Water, Food; You can only survive for 3 minutes without air. The number of deaths caused by excessive formaldehyde in China due to renovation pollution has reached as many as 111,000. About 304 people die each day, about the same as the number of people who die each day in a car accident in the country. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the cause of death of more than 1 million children under 5 years of age in the country is directly related to the house admitted to the newly renovated house.

60% of residential buildings can not be effectively air-conditioned due to various reasons;

70% pregnant women abortion and indoor air pollution;

80% of home decoration formaldehyde and other harmful substances can not be admitted immediately;

90% of children with leukemia have been luxury renovated home, 2.1 million children each year died in luxury decoration;

Every year due to indoor air pollution caused by the death toll as high as 111,000 people ...

In fact, the fresh air system is an inevitable result of social progress, no matter what kind of demand it is based on.

Fresh air system in the domestic situation: greatly increased potential, the pattern undetermined!